200+ Years of Collective Financial Services Experience

There are more than two centuries of combined industry wisdom among our personnel. Each member of McFarlin Financial works in unison and maintains an assuredness about the process of managing wealth. With varied backgrounds and lessons learned from weathering different market cycles, our team’s approach has been forged by moments of standing true and staying steady. Equally important, we place a premium on communicating with our clients and creating raving fans – the very reason we are here.
  • team1
    M. Hunter McFarlin
    Principal / CEO
  • team2
    Sarah E. McClard
    Operations Manager
  • team3
    Victor M. George
    Chief Financial Officer
  • team4
    Kevin T. Williams
    Chief Operating Officer
  • team5
    Teri Towe
    Senior Marketing Director
  • team6
    J. Hicks Neal
    Director Institutional
  • team7
    T. Matthew Chase
    Investment & Insurance
  • team8
    Ann Paul Williams
    Long-Term Care Advisor
  • team9
    Judson G. Williams
    LTC & Retirement
    Income Advisor
  • team10
    Jim LaBrec
    Investment & Insurance